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Conference Topics

The parallel sessions will be organized around the following topics:

  • Hydromechanical couplings in saturated materials (sessions "HM SAT")
  • Multiphysical couplings (sessions "MULTIPHYS")
  • Partially saturated porous materials, surface effects and adsorption (sessions "PARTIAL SAT")
  • Characterization of materials and properties (sessions "CHAR")
  • Creep and plasticity (sessions "CREEP PLAST")
  • Transport (sessions "TRANSPORT")
  • Relation between microstructure and properties (sessions "MICRO")
  • Dynamic phenomena (sessions "DYNAMIC"). Part of the presentation on this topic will be presenteed in the Tom Plona memorial session (sessions "DYNAMIC/PLONA")
  • Instabilities and strain localization (sessions "INST")
  • Fracture propagation and petroleum engineering (sessions "FRAC PETRO")

Practical information

Presentations in parallel sessions will last 20 minutes (questions included).
Presentations in plenary sessions will last 25 minutes (questions included).


A tentative detailed program can be found HERE for the oral presentations, and the list of posters can be found HERE.
A general overview of the program can be found below.



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