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Conference Topics

The parallel sessions will be organized around the following topics:

  • Hydromechanical couplings in saturated materials (sessions "HM SAT")
  • Multiphysical couplings (sessions "MULTIPHYS")
  • Partially saturated porous materials, surface effects and adsorption (sessions "PARTIAL SAT")
  • Characterization of materials and properties (sessions "CHAR")
  • Creep and plasticity (sessions "CREEP PLAST")
  • Transport (sessions "TRANSPORT")
  • Relation between microstructure and properties (sessions "MICRO")
  • Dynamic phenomena (sessions "DYNAMIC"). Part of the presentation on this topic will be presenteed in the Tom Plona memorial session (sessions "DYNAMIC/PLONA")
  • Instabilities and strain localization (sessions "INST")
  • Fracture propagation and petroleum engineering (sessions "FRAC PETRO")

Practical information

Presentations in parallel sessions will last 20 minutes (questions included).
Presentations in plenary sessions will last 25 minutes (questions included).
The keynote lecture will last 35 minutes (questions included).

The format for poster is A0 vertical.


The final program can be found HERE.

Social events

Ice breaker: Sunday from 5pm to 8pm, at Faust bar, below the Alexandre III bridge

Come and join us right below the Alexandre III bridge -- the most beautiful bridge in Paris, at Faust bar ( ). You will be able to enjoy the inside bar (privatized just for us, below the bridge) and the outside terrace (with regular customers, right beside the bridge). DJ on the terrace will start at 7pm ( ).
2 free drinks included.
Access: Faust bar is located right below the Alexandre III bridge, on the left bank (same side as the Invalides). Metro station: Invalides


Wine & cheese party: Monday from 5.45pm, on the site of the conference

Come and enjoy a selection among 10 types of cheese and 7 types of wine.

Gala dinner cruise on the Seine: Wednesday at 7.30pm, starting at Bercy harbor

For the gala dinner, we will tour Paris on the Diamant boat which, thanks to its multiple window panes, ensures panoramic vision. Thus, while eating food freshly prepared on board each day, your experience will be optimal. Boarding and landing will take place in Bercy harbor. Access map from the metro station Cour St-Emilion is displayed below.

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